AS 181 plus
Data Sheet
General Pictures Manual Software

    ISDN BRI Trunk Line 1
    Switchable ISDN BRI Line
    (Trunk Access/Internal for System Phones and/or ISDN Devices)
    Analogue Extensions, of which one Port each may be used for the connection of a Door Phone or external Music on Hold 8
    Music on Hold, internal
    PC-Connection (RS 232 C) 1
    USB Port with ISDN Modem functionality 1
    TK-Suite Basic Software Package 1
    322 x 224 x 81 mm (W x H x D)
    Optional Equipment
  • Wireless Alarm Controller
  • Wireless Alarm Controller/EIB (connected via RS 232 C)
  • Compatible with the following
    AGFEO Telephones:

    Analogue System
  • T 10
  • ST 21
  • T 15
  • ST 31
  • DECT 15
  • ST 40
  • DECT 20
  • Analogue System Phone ST 15

    AGFEO AS 181 plus
    A system completely configuered for today's telecommunication requirements.
    Just connect the system - that's it. Enjayable high tech. This is not only catered for by all lthe useful built-in features of the AS 181 plus, but also of the high quality we demand from our products.

    TK-Suite Professional Software
    Make calls per mouse click, receive reminders of important meetings or information of incoming calls.

    Home Automation
    The innovative design of the AS 181 plus telephone systems offers the utilisation of home automation and security application. State of the art technology can be seamlessly integrated into the telephone system.

    Music on Hold
    Basic music on hold is pre-recorded in both telephone systems. A CD player or any other music source can be connected to the AS 181 plus for anyone who would like to play their favourite music to callers on hold.

    Cheaper Calls
    The phone system will automatically route the call via the cheapest carrier, providing the necessary tariffs have been entered into the telephone system.

    Wake up Calls
    Every extensions connected to the system becomes an alarm clock.

    Door Phones
    AGFEO door phones may be connected to the analogue extension ports of the system.

    System Phones
    Depending on how system inputs have been selected, the AS 181 plus will support up to two AGFEO Digital System Phones, besides standard ISDN, analogue devices and the analogue System Phone ST 15. System Phones are highly equipped with a perfect user interface.

    Remote Control
    Important features can be operated remotely from any telephone available.


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