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The AGFEO AIS Module (Audio Information System) offers a professional telephone performance. The optional available AIS Module will enhance the system with the following features:

Playing of up to two simultaneous messages,
which could be a welcome message, advertising
spot or notification text. Various programming
options such as when a message should be
played can be set as follows.
a) The message is played before the call is
connected to the extension.
(Announcement before answer)
b) The message is played only when the extension
or group of extensions are engaged.

Playing Music on Hold, which does not require
any additional expensive equipment and is wear
and tear free.

Wake-up Call
With the AIS Module each telephone becomes
an alarm clock with an individual greeting before
and after the current time is announced.

Alarm- and Control Functions
Burglar - and Fire Alarm, as well as checking
the central heating or freezer and much more.
Each alarm or sensor input can have its own
individual announcement.
For example: Should your freezer defrost during
your absence then this, in connection with the
AIS Module, can be announced to your mobile or
any other telephone. Therefore, preventative
action can even be taken whilst on the move.

Door Bell
Here you have the possibility to assign a
message to a bell push (Door Phone).
For example:
After ringing the bell for a workshop, the announcement
is played ”Our business hours are Monday
to Friday till 5 PM. In an emergency please call

Commissioning of the AIS-Module
The included or own created music or messages
(WAV files) are selected and assigned using the
AIS Configuration Software. Alternatively,
announcements can easily be recorded via a


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