AC 14 analog
Data Sheet
up to 6 extensions
General Pictures Manual Software

    Analogue Trunk Line 1
    Extensions, TAM, Fax etc. 4
    USB Port 1
    TK-Suite Basic Software Package 1
    152 x 210 x 46 mm (W x H x D)
    Desk for Wall Mountable
    Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, Plug In Power Supply Unit (PSU)
    Compatible with the following
    AGFEO Telephones:

    Analogue System
  • T 10
  • -
  • T 15
  • DECT 15
  • DECT 25

    If you have got an analogue telephone line and would like a reasonably priced telephone system, then the AGFEO AC 14 Analogue is for you.

    Installation is with Plug-In type connectors and
    programming is via a standard telephone or using TKSuite

    A maximum of four Extensions can be connected, this
    can be either a telephone, fax, modem or answering

    An integrated fax switch will connect all incoming faxes
    automatically to your fax machine.

    Existing equipment may be re-used, like telephones, fax –
    or answering machines.

    There is no charge for making internal calls.

    The included AGFEO “TK-Suite Basic” software provides easy access to all telephone system functions via a PC and provides yet additional options, for example in terms of
    convenient system installation, address and appointment management, cost controls and PC telephony.


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