AS 281 All-In-One
Data Sheet
for up to 10 Extensions
General Pictures Manual Software

Analogue Trunk Lines 2
Switchable ISDN BRI Line
(Trunk Access/Internal for System Phones and/or ISDN Devices)
Analogue Extensions, of which one Port each may be used for the connection of a Door Phone 8
PC-Connection (RS 232 C) 1
USB Port for PC configuration 1
AIS-Module (on Board) 1
TK-Suite Basic Software Package 1
322 x 244 x 81 mm (W x H x D)
Optional Equipment
  • Wireless Alarm Controller
  • Wireless Alarm Controller/EIB (connected via RS 232 C)
  • Compatible with the following
    AGFEO Telephones:

    Analogue System
  • T 10
  • ST 21
  • T 15
  • ST 25
  • DECT 15
  • ST 30
  • DECT 20
  • ST 31
  • DECT 25
  • ST 40
  • DECT 30 *)
  • DECT 35 *)
  • DECT 40 *)
  • DECT 50 *)*)
  • Analogue System Phone ST 15

  • *) in connection with DECT S0-Base plus

    *)*) from Firmware 8.2c

      You have an analogue phone line installed, but still want to enjoy the convenience of AGFEO ISDN system telephones. "Impossible!", you say, but it's true! With the AS 281 All-In-One digital telephone system for analogue lines from AGFEO. Perfectly designed for business and home use, the AS 281 has a variety of special features as standard that make business and home life a breeze.
      Make calls with a click of the mouse, receive reminders of important appointments and find out in advance who is calling. The TK Suite Basic software supplied features its own customer database and can be linked to a variety of existing ones. So that you get to see all the important information on your customer on the screen before you even pick up the phone. The AGFEO AS 281 All-In-One features the most advanced digital technology for Analogue and ISDN Trunk Lines for up to 10 Extensions. In mixed Trunk Line mode or with ISDN lines connected only the system can cater for up to 8 Extensions with many special features such as:

      Internet Telephony (i.e. Voice over IP):
      Simple integration of Internet telephony adapters
      as supplied by many providers. You are not bound
      by using a specific speech transmission protocol,
      because who knows what the future might bring.

      Wake-up Call:
      Any extension connected to the system can set
      their own Wake-up Call. The phone will ring at
      the preset time and can even play your favourite
      music with the integrated AIS Module.

      Door Phone:
      A Door Phone can be connected via one of the
      analogue extensions. You can speak to callers at
      the door and release the door lock, all at the
      push of a button.

      Music on Hold:
      The built in AIS Module can be uploaded with
      your choice of music, information– or advertising

      System Phones:
      The AS 281 All-In-One, if connected to an analogue
      Trunk Line, can support besides ISDN Devices
      and Analogue Extensions up to two AGFEO ISDN
      System Phones. The System Phones have been
      specially developed for AGFEO Telephone Systems
      to support system features and user functionality.


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